eBook: La forma dello spazio profondo published il Saggiatore

La forma dello spazio profondo CoverPunto Acuto has created the eBooks in ePub format from “La forma dello spazio profondo” published il Saggiatore, Shing-Tung Yau and Steve Nadis.
This book is rich with images, mathematical formulas and symbols.
Acute Point has tried to preserve as much as possible the structure of a book and making it even more convenient and available in eBook format. Often, mathematical formulas come into pictures, to save time or because you do not know how to treat them. This makes the search function initulizzabile dell’ePub for symbols, formulas, or special characters (the text contained in images is not selectable and therefore is not intended as a text by the reader). They were then kept all the mathematical symbols and reinserted with a special font Greek ones (as you can see from the screenshot below).

  • La forma dello spazio profondo – il Saggiatore – mathematical formulas

La forma dello spazio profondo - mathematical formulas

Were also prepared all the images so that they can be displayed properly on the popular media. In fact, the readers, such as Adobe Digital Editions ®, do not perform image resizing and viewing the file, for example, with two facing pages, the images are superimposed.
As you can see in the pictures posted, in the eBook you resize the image and text on the page does not invade nearby.

  • La forma dello spazio profondo – il Saggiatore – Images

La forma dello spazio profondo