eBook: C’è chi dice no by Chiara Lalli published il Saggiatore

Cover C'è chi dice no Punto Acuto has created the eBooks in ePub format of “C’è chi dice no” published il Saggiatore, by Chiara Lalli, already the author of “Buoni genitori” for il Saggiatore.

This title is part of the series “Culture”, but has a very complex layout (no tables and images) even if there are infratesti , quotes and notes . In the apparatus of notes is given a large amount of links to websites Acute Acuto worked by inserting the active link to the page above, so as to enable the reader who reads the ‘ebook, with a support capable of surfing the Internet, you can visit the site with one click above (forgoing the hassle of having to copy the address into the URL bar to make it really navigable).

  • ePub C’è chi dice no di Chiara Lalli published il Saggiatore

Example C'è chi dice no

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